Heavenly Smoothie

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If I had to eat the same breakfast every single day of my life I might just choose this.* You know those hazy, lavender coloured clouds you get in an otherwise clear sky at sunset? This is almost definitely what they taste like.

Blitz 2 frozen bananas, a handful of frozen or fresh blueberries, a very generous tablespoon of tahini, a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup (or whatever sweetener you prefer), half a teaspoon of vanilla and about 300mls of organic raw milk, yoghurt or nut milk. Spoon it into a glass or bowl, close your eyes, ignore whatever real or imagined chaos is all around you and eat really, really slowly.

If you reduce the milk quantity you can scoop it straight into ice-cream cones and top with chopped toasted nuts and/or shavings of dark chocolate. I wouldn’t want this for breakfast, but I wouldn’t dream of judging you if you do.

* please note that I would not advise this breakfast recipe for nutritional therapy clients although I might recommend a modified version as an evening snack. 


Flojo’s SuperSmoothies

My SuperSmoothies are a great way to get a lot of easily absorbed nutrients into your body fairly quickly and without too much fuss. I used to recommend that people following my detox course had them for breakfast, and indeed, many clients felt really well on them, but I now think that they’d be better consumed later on in the day, as a pre or post exercise meal, as a late night snack (particularly if you are inclined to snack or have difficulty sleeping through the night), or maybe even as an evening meal replacement if you are feeling a bit delicate.

You can either make SuperSmoothies in an electric smoothie maker or you can chuck the ingredients in a big measuring jug and blitz with a hand-held blender. If you don’t like the texture you can always just stir the ingredients together, rather than blending, and then eat with a spoon.

The recipe makes approximately enough for one person. I wouldn’t recommend putting all the optional ingredients in together; just choose one or two from each list. However, if you just want to have the basic mix then that’s totally fine; you’ll still be getting a great mix of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3s to give you sustained energy, support your digestion and to nourish your whole body.

Many of my detoxers kept up with the habit of a daily SuperSmoothie long after they finished the detox course because they felt so much better for it!

The basic mix

  • Approximately 250ml plain live organic yoghurt / almond milk / hazelnut milk / rice milk / coconut milk or a mixture of any.
  • One – two tablespoons ground flaxseed / linseed  or whole chia seeds (or, for a thick smoothie bowl you can double up the chia)
  • One small banana (either fresh or peeled, chopped and frozen in advance), an avocado or a few dried dates

Optional sweet things and flavours

  • One teaspoon honey, maple syrup, or a few drops of stevia.
  • Half a teaspoon vanilla essence or a few drops of almond / lemon / orange essence
  • One cup of fresh or frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc) or other soft fruit (mango, peach etc)
  • A pinch of ground cinnamon, ginger or cardamom, and/or redbush tea
  • A pinch of dried lavender
  • Grated orange, lime or lemon zest
  • One teaspoon cocoa, cacao or carob powder
  • One tablespoon of desicated coconut
  • One tablespoon of peanut butter or any other nut butter, or tahini.

Optional added healthy stuff

  • One or two organic raw egg yolks (this will help keep you full for longer and you can’t taste it at all.
  • One capsule of a quality pro-biotic supplement.
  • One tablespoon flaxseed oil.
  • One tablespoon of MCT oil (if you’ve never used this before then just use one teaspoon and build up gradually).
  • Two tablespoons of either gelatin or collagen hydrolysate (I use the Great Lakes brand for both of these).
  • Wheatgrass, spirulina or any other green powders.


Pistachios, flaked almonds, desicated coconut, berries, chopped fruit.

“Delicious, filled me up and so easy to prepare! I added blueberries and a little orange juice as I like to drink on the go rather than sit down and eat. It could be the fact that I normally have nothing for breakfast – but I really felt it gave me more get up and go!” Caroline P.

“Live natural organic yoghurt, flaxseed, a banana, honey, plenty of ground cinnamon, and half a can of peaches. Lovely! I only had half of it, and was full until lunch time four hours later. I’m going to have the rest this evening instead of eating crisps!” Kathryn G.

“Tried a SuperSmoothie and love, love, love it – so do my girls! Easy peasy to make, filling and tastes amazing! Will get more adventurous soon!” Chloe M.

“Mango and ginger. Mmmm…” Trevanna L.

Here’s some links to other SuperSmoothie recipes
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Heavenly Smoothie

In the meantime, try cocoa with nut butter;  tahini with honey; blueberry with lavender; raspberry with coconut; maple syrup with cinnamon… I could keep going! What’re YOUR favourite combos?!

Raw juice and smoothie ideas.

I bought a shiny new juicer a couple of months ago and am continually bowled over with the range of tastes and textures you can get from smoothies and juices. Previously I’d not got much past apple, carrot and ginger with the occasional beetroot thrown in for variety but thanks to a couple of recipe books and the Instagram community I’ve learnt to be somewhat more creative. So now I’d like to share the following ideas with you (not so much recipes as combinations) and I’d love it if you can throw some more ideas my way…

Lemon Meringue

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Juice apples, carrot, broccoli stem, lemon (including the peel) and cucumber. Blend with avocado.

Glass of Green

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Juice apples, kale, lime (remove the zest but keep the pith), cucumber and celery. Whisk in powdered wheatgrass.


20131107-035627 pm.jpg
Juice apples, beetroot, spinach and lemon.

And, for the most decadent raw breakfast (I can’t even give it a name it’s that good), you could do worse than try this…

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Juice apples, pear, kale and ginger. Blend with banana, avocado, mango and powdered wheatgrass.