Custardy Pumpkin Pie

A few weeks ago a cardboard box arrived on my doorstep filled with red, orange and green pumpkins from those lovely people at Riverford. Since then we’ve had pumpkin risotto, pumpkin roasted with peppers, chillies and sausages; pumpkin muffins and, as of yesterday, pumpkin pie!

Over the last few years I’ve tried several recipes, some ok, and some… well, some dire. But this one from Keith Abel’s Cooking Outside the Box ticked all the boxes. Crisp pastry and a light, fluffy, custardy filling. I loved it, my family thought it was amazing; a Canadian friend proclaimed that it reminded him of home.

We polished off the remnants today, with torrential rain outside (the dregs of St Jude’s transatlantic storm) and steaming mugs of Earl Grey inside. Tomorrow? I think I’m going to have to make another.

20131028-091906 pm.jpg