The Liebster Award 2018

The Liebster Award 2018

The very lovely Vanessa of The Simpson Sisters honoured me with a nomination for the Liebster Award 2018 in this post over a month ago and so I am rather ashamed that it has taken me this long to respond… Vanessa (and you really should pop over to her site because it’s gorgeous) asked a great set of questions and so, without any further delay (because let’s face it, this is just a written post, not a stage performance) I shall now get on with answering them!

What prompted you to begin blogging? Was it for a business, to share personal stories or maybe to share a specific event?

I started this blog in September 2013 with an apologetic and super wittery piece about not knowing how to start blogging. I deleted that post because it was ridiculously awful but the second post, MFK, still remains.

I had recently stopped running Flojo’s Easy Detox workshops from home and had taken on a part time job at the local pharmacy – so I think I mostly wanted to keep some kind of connection with food and health while my days were spent dispensing prescriptions. As and when I had the headspace I added recipes, ruminations and rants to my blog – for a sense of creating and completing than for fame or fortune.

Which social media platform do you feel most at home on and why?

I find Instagram a safe and accepting forum and I’ve made gorgeous friends from around the world on there; some of whom I have actually got to meet!

Share with us a podcast that regularly inspires you and tell us why. If you’re not a podcast listener how about some other resource that you regularly turn to.

I do love me a podcast or two! Tricky to choose just one because I dip in and out of shows and listen to different types for different reasons – health, lifestyle, coaching etc. – anything that gives me information or new frames-of-reference to ponder while I’m doing the housework. Sas Petherick’s Courage and Spice is always inspiring. It makes me smile while I’m doing the washing up.

Countryside or seaside?

Seaside! But I prefer a thermos of hot chocolate on a windswept beach to eating ice-cream on hot sand. My husband proposed at night on a cold, wet and windy beach – it could not have been more romantic.

Do you have a creative hobby other than blogging and photography? Are you a crafter, painter, stitcher or gardener perhaps?

None of the above. I knitted myself a beautiful wrist warmer in dove grey and charcoal in 2016. It’s partner still hasn’t materialised.

How do you write best? Do you need silence or prefer music to fill the void? At a desk, on your knee or in bed? On your phone or laptop?

I write on a laptop at my kitchen table. Usually with the soundtrack of my washing machine; a (cold) mug of coffee to hand and a sleeping dog on my feet. Sometimes candles or incense are involved. Rarely is there anyone else in the house.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for The Liebster Award 2018 and as such would like them to answer these questions and nominate others with their own questions.

Nominees for the Liebster Award should comment on this post – with a link to their responses; nominate 5-11 other bloggers you’d like to get to know, set 11 questions of your own, and link to the official rules

Ok – y’all ready for questions? (If you aren’t please don’t worry. I know you are all incredibly busy.)

  1. What book has made the biggest change to your life or outlook recently?
  2. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
  3. Chocolate – the posh stuff from the fancy deli or the big bar on offer at the supermarket?
  4. Which of your own blog posts was your favourite to write?
  5. The meal to top all other meals: where is it, what are you eating and who are you eating it with?
  6. Favourite fictional character?
  7. Bouquets or posies
  8. What was the last piece of music you listened to?
  9. What superhero power would you choose?
  10. Social Media or Socialising?
  11. Yes or No?