Flojo’s Easy Detox Relaunch!

Flojo’s Easy Detox Relaunch!

Flojo’s Easy Detox online course is up and running again! Woohooooo! It’s a four week course designed to be easily accessible for everybody and anybody. And, as I take a health questionnaire from each client I am able to tailor the course to work around your specific health requirements. I am really proud of this course – I’ve worked on it to make it simple, effective and enjoyable and I reckon I’ve nailed it!

Each week I email out a worksheet tackling four general health tweaks to make – they could be as quick as doing a one minute breathing and visualisation exercise, as simple as reducing your reliance on caffeine or as delicious as trying out some of my super easy recipes free from sugar, gluten, dairy, soya and processed fats. Then, once you’ve let me know any questions or concerns you might have about the week ahead, I email you with advice that is unique to you in order to help you get the best out of the course. Would you like to hear how my tester panel got on?

“Change happens when you make small shifts. I feel like a tight knot has been loosened and I am so hugely excited and grateful.”

“After just a week of starting to re-programme my body and eating habits I felt energised and had a much more positive state of mind.”

“… sleeping, bloating, skin is all better!”

“I’ve loved feeling that I have someone alongside to guide me and make it a personal experience. I’ve never felt awkward asking questions, and I’ve had some really good personalised responses to push me in the right direction.”

“I’ve felt  supported, held and not judged – which is major for me.”

“Your nutritional practice is amazing! I’m in awe of your knowledge!”

“I’m feeling more energised and more in control.”

“My skin feels softer and the dry patches on my elbows have vanished!”

“I really enjoy starting the day, more awake from a better night’s sleep, and feeling refreshed”

“I found it gave me the confidence to make lots of other subtle incremental changes and that has had a knock on effect on everything from work to relationships!”

And those are just some of the lovely comments I’ve been getting in feedback!

Until the end of September 2017 Flojo’s Easy Detox course will cost a one-off payment of £40 for which you get the following:

  • A detailed preparation sheet complete with shopping list for any out-of-the-ordinary ingredients and products.
  • A questionnaire in which you get to outline your current health conditions and concerns so that I can tailor the course for you where necessary.
  • A worksheet for each of the four weeks that is designed to help you look and feel better each week, without any sense of overwhelm.
  • A weekly personal email from me for each of the four weeks, and also a follow up email at the end of the course.

If you’d like to do the course please contact me here. I look forward to working with you!


Flojo’s Easy Detox Online Course Re-launch!

Eighteen months ago I wrote the following in my blog post Defining Detox.

“When I put Flojo’s Easy Detox together (workshops and online coaching) a few years ago I believed detox to be the process of releasing toxicity at cellular level and enabling this rubbish to leave the body in an orderly fashion: quietly and calmly (much as you should leave a building during a fire); thus allowing the body to work more efficiently.

Over the past year I’ve revised my opinion. I now see effective detoxing as the release and removal of anything and everything that doesn’t enrich your life. Call it detox, call it de-cluttering, call it healing, call it minimalism. If it doesn’t contribute to your well-being physically, mentally or emotionally, it’s time to acknowledge it and wave a firm but polite goodbye. In a few years I hope to re-start a detox programme with this approach at its fore.”

And, with this in mind I have been rewriting the course and shall be ready to re-launch Flojo’s Easy Detox online course on June the 12th 2017! Woohoo!!

I’ve got some lovely people trialling the course at the moment. They are currently busy trying out my new recipes, visualisation exercises, naturopathic techniques and easy bio-hacks etc. In return, I’m getting lots of feedback from them which I’m using to make sure that I’ve created an even more effective, approachable, enjoyable and delicious course than before!

It’s a six week course, with an additional preparatory week for filling in questionnaires and buying in a few, inexpensive ingredients etc. Every Sunday morning I send out a worksheet (complete with recipes and plans) and a few questions. Every Sunday evening my clients answer those questions and send me feedback on how they are doing; and then, every Monday morning, I send them a detailed personal email. This means that I can encourage, make tweaks to suit individual goals and health requirements, and provide a uniquely personalised approach.

But, I really do want to ensure that this course is not just great, but exceptional! That it reads well, that the email format works, that the recipes cater to varying tastes and that the results inspire clients to really engage with the course and see it through. So I’d like to see one more round of testers working through the course a couple of weeks before paying clients sign up.

Lovely readers – I have one tester lined up ready and waiting and so I have space for two more! If you would like to be part of the trial you will need to be ready to actually start your six week detox course on the 29th May (your preparation sheet will be emailed on the 22nd May) and be committed to sending me detailed, regular feedback throughout the course.

If you are interested in the opportunity to experience the unique benefits of Flojo’s Easy Detox online course at no cost; and also to help shape the content for future clients please send me an email me at flojoeasydetox@gmail.com by noon (GMT) of the 19th of June. Tell me why you’d like to trial the course and I will choose two people to take part. (All being well, I will reply to all emails that same day.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!