Hot Chocolate for Breakfast.

My youngest (Lily) was in meltdown late last night over a wobbly tooth that was not quite ready to come out but was causing some discomfort and a fear that it would fall out in the night and be swallowed. Rational thought fell on deaf ears; comforting words were drowned out by sobs. Finally I whispered, “hot chocolate for breakfast” in her ear. She smiled, pulled the covers over her head and was asleep within minutes.

If you promise a 9 year old chocolate for breakfast you don’t get to rescind that vow on the grounds that it won’t keep them sustained with balanced and sustained energy from 7am til midday on a school day. I am possibly the strictest parent I know, but even I realise there are limits, of which this broken contract pushes the boundaries a little too far.

Rather than damaging your relationship with your child irrevocably you smugly present this glorious concoction and then gild the lily (as it were) with Sarah Wilson’s Simply Sweet Biscuits which are made from almonds, butter and stevia and thus guarantee that you and your loved ones will leave the house with a glow far superior to the Ready Brek phosphorescence (apologies to anyone not bought up in the UK in the late 70s)

For a family of four thoroughly blend 600ml organic whole milk, 200ml organic double cream, four organic egg yolks, 4 tablespoons cocoa, 1 tablespoon gelatin and your choice of natural sweetener to taste. Then very gently heat it all in a saucepan while frequently whisking.

While you sip on this thick, custardy, rich and ambrosial cup of decadence you can rest assured that not only will the fat and protein keep you sated until lunchtime, the gelatine will help heal a damaged gut (and make your hair, skin and nails strong and shiny), the A & D vitamins will support your thyroid and the chocolate content will ensure that your children love you forever.