Chocolate Nut Muffins

Chocolate Nut Muffins

Today is snow. Heavy snow. I’m kind of over snow to be honest. It’s very pretty but, you know, COLD. I learned a new word today (thanks Twitter!): the Icelandic term: GLUGGAVEÐUR  or “window weather.” Weather that looks lovely from inside your house but is horrible to be outside in. I think that sums it up quite nicely. Our household is the kind of household that is stocked with good coffee and organic food at all times, but lacks things like a working boiler or any kind of insulation. So I am sitting and shivering here at the laptop wearing an insane amount of clothes, but with a full and warm belly.

I wasn’t planning to blog anything today but I promised Sas from the awesome Courage & Spice podcast (have a listen – it’s just lovely) a recipe for these gluten and dairy free muffins so here we are! If you’ve got the ingredients in stock you could be warming your own belly with these in under forty minutes – are you ready? GO!

Preheat the oven to 180c while you combine 200g cashew butter (you can use peanut butter if that’s what you have in), two eggs, 75g soft dark sugar and 50g chopped dark chocolate. Then stir in 200ml of nut milk (yep – dairy milk works fine here too – I just had some almond milk to use up.)

Combine 280g self-raising gluten-free flour with a teaspoon of baking powder and then lightly stir it into the gloopy cashew nut butter mixture. Don’t over stir or you’ll end up with rubbery muffins. Eew!

Put generous dollops of mixture into 12 muffin cases or silicon moulds and bake for 25 minutes. By the time you’ve washed up, cleaned up and made a pot of coffee they’ll be all steamily warm and delicious. You might even get to remove just one of your jumpers. Maybe…



Raw Salted Caramel Slice.

20140324-022129 pm.jpg
My new taste craze is Salted Caramel. Yesterday I was going to give you a disgustingly indulgent, high sugar recipe liable to give you hardened arteries just from looking at the picture. But we ate the sweet, gooey and crumbly items so fast that there wasn’t a chance to get a photo. If it’s any consolation we all burnt our tongues. I’ll make them again next week, just for you, and take some pics.

But in the meantime, those lovely raw vegan foodies on Instagram are posting a lot of caramel tasting goodies at the moment based on blended dates. Not wanting to be off-trend I thought I’d give it a go too. But, in my usual slap-dash fashion I didn’t think to write down any quantities. But you’ll figure it out. From desperation if nothing else. In the words of En Vogue (off-trend / En Vogue – see what I did there?) “and it goes a little something like this…

Soak dried dates in a bit of water (about 4/1) and set aside. Then blitz almonds, flax, coconut oil, agave and a few drops of vanilla (for approximate quantities click here.) and press down into a tin, flan dish or muffin pan. Blitz the dates with a bit of agave and a pinch or so of sea salt before spreading atop the almond mix. Then melt coconut oil, agave and cacao together before pouring over the dates. Freeze for an hour and you’re good to go. No tongue burning, no refined sugar and no guilt unless of course you’ve eaten more than your fair share. (Shame on you!)