Chia Breakfast Bowl

 Cheat alert. I forgot to prepare a proper post for you this week. But it’s been so lovely and sunny that eating outside, playing frisbee with the family, attempting my first ever cartwheel (no it wasn’t pretty, and yes I nearly broke a toe) going for lovely walks with my husband, and running through a chest hight river with a crazy friend (yes, really, it’s a long story) kinda took precedence. So, I’ve just scanned through some recent Instagram posts and wondered if you might like a recipe for a chia breakfast bowl. Would that suit? Oh good – do read on…

  1. Stumble down the stairs at 6am and stick the espresso pot on. Or boil water for green tea. Or do your meditation. Whatever works for you while you try to assemble your facial features into something that won’t scare small children.
  2. Pour chia seeds into a jug and add about three times that volume in milk or a milk substitute. Stir like a crazy thing.
  3. Sweep all the seeds that you spilt off the counter. Eat, or tip into the jug and hope nobody noticed; or let them fall to the floor for your hopeful looking dog.
  4. Gently dry fry some walnuts. Do not burn them! I know it’s early but burning them will ruin your entire day. Trust me.
  5. Find someone to set the table. Or  at least wipe it. Or at least get off their phones and try to feign interest in being helpful.
  6. Rinse blueberries. Try not to spill them in the sink.
  7. Share the chia pudding into as many bowls as you have family members. Let them help themselves to walnuts and blueberries.
  8. Sip coffee. Watch everyone’s happy smiling faces. Savour (oops, I just typed saviour) your lovely breakfast. Try to ignore the blueberries rolling all over the table. Congratulate yourself on managing to get yet another weekday breakfast on the table. I’m proud of you. You rock!

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