Disclaimer no.1
Please note that if you are currently being monitored or treated for any type of health issue such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetes, cancer etc I’d advise that you run any advice from this blog by your GP or health practitioner before you decide to act on it. Detoxing is great for your health but certain dietary aspects or techniques just might interact negatively with certain types of medication or may exasperate some ailments.

Disclaimer no.2
If there’s anything here, in this blog, that you instinctively, intellectually or academically know is not going to be good for you personally – don’t do it! Before I offer any advice to a Health and Nutrition Client I take in a questionnaire and then spend an hour finding out their full health history. When I coach a detox client I take in a health questionnaire and there is the opportunity to discuss any possible problems. I don’t have that luxury with you. Listen to your instinct and/or check with your health practitioner if you aren’t sure.

Disclaimer no.3
Bio-chemistry, physiology and the science behind health and detox systems are all fascinating subjects and I’d love it if you did a bit of extra research to get a really healthy respect for what your body does for you. But my interest is in practical application and so I skip lots of the academic reasons why the advice can be useful and instead plough on with lots of accessible ways that you can make improvements for your health right now.

I chuck in a bit of “knowledge” here and there, but you might note that I like a bit of comic metaphor to explain some of the more complex systems. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know my health systems, I just assume that if you want a more scientific understanding you’ll go and look it up in a scientific book!

I like to break down explanations to make them easier to visualise even if you don’t have a good prior understanding of anatomy, physiology or health in general. I do hope that you find this approach useful, but if you need further clarification feel free to drop me a line.


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