Face Hugger

I thought I’d share a funny memory with you today. For no other reason than it makes me laugh whenever I remember it.

It was 1991. I was doing my A levels (Music, Literature and Art in case you were wondering) and I had not yet seen Aliens. In case that tidbit gets you wondering too – that’s Aliens with a big A. To clarify, I hadn’t knowingly seen aliens with a little a either. Still haven’t. But I digress.

I was persuaded to watch the film Aliens at a friends house. I did not enjoy it. Not. One. Bit.

Afterwards, lights were turned on and jokes were made and I was driven home to my parents house – my parents and siblings were away at the time. My fear levels were still through the roof. My friend kindly walked me through my garden and waited for me to lock the door behind me.

Were there any aliens in the house? Unlikely, but I turned every single light on and checked anyway.


I got ready for bed and read art history notes for an hour. If nothing else was going to calm me down, surely this would do the trick?


With my heart still flipping around like a fortune teller fish I checked the house again. Still nothing so I turned off most, but not all of the lights. Trying hard to think of something else, indeed anything else, I eventually fell asleep in the early hours.

If you’ve ever had a cat then you’ll know how they can often have a sick sense of humour. Kit, our vicious and smelly tabby was maybe more developed in this area than most. He would have been better named Git.

Reader. On this night. Of all nights. While I was finally fast asleep. The cat jumped on my face.

Yes I sat up screaming and yes I threw him across the room. I think I was justified.

6 thoughts on “Face Hugger

  1. That’s hilarious Flo. You had both of us in stitches.

    We’d not long been adopted by a stray when the wardrobe door bashed open at 3am and she leaped out with a welcoming chirrup. What can we say – cats! We love them xx

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  2. Omg! 😳😳. I saw Alien in 1991, too, and had the same terrified reaction you did πŸ’—. At first I didn’t think I’d been too bothered; I didn’t really feel the fear yet. Until I had to take some non-prescription cold/flu medicine which made me have weirdo dreams 😳. Then omg I awoke with a start and freaked out. I can only imagine what it would have been like if one of our kitties had jumped on my face at the time! Yikes!! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸΎ

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