Some Recommended Blogs. 

In the last few months there’s been a lovely increase of followers of and commenters on this blog. Thank you. Thank you to all of you, both new and old followers. Thank you to those of you that comment, that hit that like button, that re-blog, that send links via Twitter and Facebook, that email or message me privately and to also those that just read my ramblings. I truly appreciate all of you.

Today I’d like to recommend a small selection of the blogs that I follow. Specifically those from a new community of autistic bloggers (many of whom had either an official diagnosis of or a self realisation of autism in the last few months) that has been a haven of support for me.

Each of these bloggers has a unique, authentic, warm and eloquent writing style. Whether you yourself are autistic or allistic and whether you’d like to be more informed, crave community or just appreciate great writing please check these awesome blogs out.


21 thoughts on “Some Recommended Blogs. 

  1. Omg thank you for including me! Looking at all the talent here, I’m humbled and honored to be listed among y’all 🙂 ❤


  2. Aww Flo! You are a wonderful and kind friend – always got my back and so funny! I think I learned to use the Loling emoji from you first and now I’m addicted to it. Our conversations are always deep and hilarious. You keep me going when I don’t know I need keeping going. TYSM for including me on this list. xxx Sonia

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