Find Your Element

 Flojo’s Easy Detox Tip #1

Snowy mountain tops, golden sands, puttering streams, shingle beaches, icy lakesides, flowered meadows, woodland tracks, dry bushland, verdant forests, gorse covered cliff tops.

My challenge for you this week is to find a place where you can go and just be. Take as little as you can (safety not withstanding) and walk your head clear. Notice the colours around you, appreciate the contrasts between light and shade, vertical and horizontal, nearby detail distant vistas. Seek out visual shapes only found in the natural world, from the curve of a branch to the crest of a wave. Listen for sounds of wildlife, weather and your own feet. Allow your footfall to quieten, shorten and soften. Take note of the changing scents around you and see if they conjure up long forgotten memories. Lean against a tree or rock and close your eyes. Slow your breathing. Sense your limbs, your heartbeat, your lungs. Feel your connection to everything that lives. Smile and move on.

I honestly can’t think of a more profound easy detox fix to start off my tips with. Do give it a go and report back!

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