A Challenge!

Hey my lovely lovelinesses! I’m back! Did you miss me..? No? Well I missed you. I just forgot how to write, or more specifically, how to blog. With the words order out coming in the wrong… Um…  Communicating is sometimes easy for me and sometimes horribly stilted. I’ve come to terms with it, but I don’t always feel the need to publicly display it!

So I’ve set myself a challenge. I’m going to do a quick Flojo’s Easy Detox Tip each week. You can look on these tips as challenges if you like. Or as suggestions, or even just as insights into how I do stuff at the moment.

2015 was a great year for me as I started taking on board some of the elements of Minimalism, Zero Waste, Ancestral Eating and Natural Movement; and, as I tried to figure out putting some of the practices of each into my own life, reaping benefits both prodigious and profound.

I’m great at theories. The intellect bit of my brain goes, Yes! That makes perfect sense! If I do this my life will indeed be perfect! But then the practical bit of my brain stalls What? We have to actually do stuff? Oh maaann!! And then I decide to have a nap. Because I love naps.

So if you love theories, with background history and science and philosophy, I’ll try and give you some helpful links to information from inspirational experts who can write exquisitely, authoritatively and without convoluted rambling sentences littered with multiple semi colons and unnecessary parentheses. But if you just want something you can put into action straight away, with minimal thought, effort, cost or the need for a lie-down then, well, that’s the aim!

I gave you the main body of Flojo’s Easy Detox mark 1 a few months back. It focussed on hydration, naturopathy techniques, eating more vegetables, taking a break from wheat, dairy and sugar; and on healthy fats. It was based on the knowledge I gained from the Nutritional Therapy qualifying course I’d taken and the subsequent work I’d done with clients, both one-on-one and in groups. But I originally wrote that in 2010 (or thereabouts, that time is now a bit hazy) And now there’s so much other exciting stuff out there that I’m not sure where to start! These Tip posts won’t appear in any kind of order in terms of importance, ease or impact. They’ll be more of a by the way, I just thought of this thing that I do that I find helpful in making my life healthier, happier and more connected to nature and stuff and thought you might just be interested  kinda stream.  

And please, join in the conversation! Comment away! (And do share these posts on social media as well if you can – I would be ever so grateful!)

Ok! Thanks for sticking around, I’ll be back soon with tip number 1!

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3 thoughts on “A Challenge!

  1. I love the idea of a detox tip, both body and environment. Sometimes little bite size pieces are easier to digest. My brain is so full at the moment, I find it hard to retain lots of info, so a weekly tip would be great and hopefully by putting a small step in place each week, it will enable me to actually clear my head/life/etc. I like the idea of learning more about the minimalism, ancestral eating, natural movement and zero waste. Your paragraph about great theory -> brain freak out -> nap is SO me. 🙂


    • Hi Nic! Excellent, I’ll do a small post each time and then you and I can both have naps while contemplating putting the tips into practice! Let me know how you get on…
      (There will still be some waffly posts too!)


  2. Waffly is good too! Yes, I love the idea of naps, I never realised other people were like me. Maybe we can support each other and make our naps more productive – or become more productive after the naps/stroking our brains to calm them down 🙂


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