Slow Cooked Curry

 I bought a slow cooker on Monday; it was an impulse buy but I mostly wanted something I could do the weekly chicken broth with. Slow cookers are the ultimate paleo/primal/ancestral and yet totally modern convenience right?! Yeah but no but. I quickly felt really bad because I’m trying to not buy, um, stuff at the moment and figured I should try and allay my guilt, assuage my remorse and alleviate my shame. (I love my thesaurus, I’ve had it twenty five years and the spine has long disintegrated. Whenever the pages or a chunk of pages fall out they get shoved back in the wrong place. There is now a minimal adherence to the rules of the alphabet.) I fear I may have digressed… Um, where was I?

Curry! I made a curry. I made a curry in my new crockpot. I ran round to the local shop, horribly aware that this was a slow cooker and it was only four hours until dinner time, and grabbed stewing steak and sweet potatoes. I browned off one and chopped the other. Threw them with reckless abandon into the crockpot with curry powder, chopped onion, chopped courgette, salt, pepper, some water and a big chunk of butter before switching the dial to high and waiting…
After two hours it was barely warm.

After three hours the occasional bubble blipped up to the surface.

My family arrived home with cries of: “What on earth is that?” “Isn’t that what old people have?” and “I thought we weren’t spending any money!

After three and a half hours I started boiling rice and wondering if I’d have to try and prepare something else.

After four hours elapsed I served up a perfect curry. I mean, it was truly sublime. Each morsel a tender, tasty testament to TLC. Everyone had seconds. Simon and I had leftovers for the next day’s lunch. I am, right now, wishing I could quickly cook some more. But it would take too long…

Incidentally, the freebie recipes that came with the slow cooker looked wack so please, please give me your favourite ideas in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Slow Cooked Curry

  1. Slow cooking! I love our slow cooker. Soups from sweet potato, butternut squash, broccoli and cheese, French onion, split pea soup with bacon. Full meals, vege stew and dumplings, potato and chick pea curry, any curry really, full chicken surrounded by carrots, onions, courgettes…… The list is endless. Did I mention homemade lemon curd….you periodically get to lick the spoon when testing to see if it’s set 😀 And you can do a steamed pudding or Christmas pudding in it. Enjoy your slow cooking 😍 Naomi xx


    • WOW!!! I love it!! Start a blog Naomi…
      I’m most excited by your Christmas pudding suggestion though! And dumplings (I think I’m craving carbs) – do you know if gluten free dumplings work? Xx


  2. Yes, gluten-free most definitely works. Use 2oz of vege suet, 4oz gf SR flour, add whatever herbs you want, or black pepper. Add 1-2 teaspoons of water. Wet your hands, roll into balls then in a little gf flour. Pop in the fridge, preferably overnight. Pop them in the top of the slow cooker round the edge and on top of the stew, half an hour or so before you want to eat, or until puffed up enough… 😊 Quantities make about 8-9 dumplings.

    Xmas pud, make and put into ceramic pudding bowl, cover this bowl with greased greaseproof paper with a pleat, then foil (foil stops the water getting in). Then tie a piece of string around the circumference and tie the ends tog to make a handle. Put boiling water into bottom of slow cooker, up to around three quarters up the side of the pudding bowl. Lid on and leave approx 8 hours on low. Take out, leave to cool, wrap in clean tea towel and store in a cool place till you need it. Boil in a saucepan for around an hour, turn out and enjoy! Really old school.

    Hope that makes sense 😉 Naomi xx


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