Why I don’t buy Toothpaste, Cleanser, Moisturiser, Shampoo or Conditioner. *

 I’ve had it with overpriced, false claiming, toxic bathroom products. I say pah! to these time, space and money wasters. My new hippy stance on, well pretty much everything means that I’m stamping my (bare) foot and taking charge of my bathroom cabinet. Who’s with me?! Who is ready to shed those shackles of cosmetic oppression? Who thinks I’ve maybe had just a bit too much coffee today…?

Without further pomp and circumstance I’d like to present to you my new ABC of beauty care.

Apple cider vinegar

Bicarbonate of soda

Coconut oil.

Yep. That’s it. ABC. No D or E. No Y. Definitely no Z.

So when you see these three products do you see cooking ingredients or the easiest, cheapest and most effective freaking cosmetics you can buy?!

In my book it’s a Yes! to the first And a Hell Yes! to the second. And here’s why…

Oral Care

I read a great little book a few weeks back: Holistic Dental Care by Nadine Artemis. It’s a lovely read which makes you totally rethink what you’ve been told about teeth and their ability to regenerate. And also what’s in toothpaste. Please read it, but in the meantime try using bicarbonate of soda (a.k.a sodium bicarbonate or baking soda) instead of whatever toothpaste you’ve been using, whether whitening, enamel building or de-sensitising. It’ll be more effective, trust me! Just a tiny sprinkle on your toothbrush is all it takes and you get used to the taste pretty quickly. My teeth are less sensitive, my husband is losing the stains from his black coffee habit, and my ten year old has lost the tiny but resistant plaque deposits on her bottom teeth.

If you want to ramp your oral care routine even further try swishing a teaspoon or so of coconut oil round your mouth for five to ten minutes and then spitting it out once a day before brushing your teeth. Read this article on oil pulling for more information. I do feel that if nothing else this practice makes for an effective pre-clean mouthwash and I can easily do it while I’m getting on with cleaning my face. Talking of which:

Skin Care

I’ve been using coconut oil as both a cleanser and moisturiser for several months now as a) my skin only ever feels properly clean after I’ve rubbed oil in and then scrubbed it all off with a hot flannel and b) I’m getting increasingly disillusioned with the claims that every other face or body moisturiser makes. Honestly, a smudge of coconut oil works just as well as any of the budget to mid-ranges! Just give it time to sink in before you apply make-up.

My ten year old has also found that a dab of coconut oil clears up the occasional cold sore faster than any over-the-counter treatment. Bonus!

And diluted apple cider vinegar makes a nice toner or spot treatment if you need it.

Hair Care

The more reading I did around how toxic and ineffective toothpaste can be the more I started to question the claims made by any product created with the scalp and hair in mind. And with a bit of Internet searching I came across the no-poo method. It sounds a bit nuts but the theory seems to be that not stripping the scalp of its own oils and then replacing those natural oils with all manner of gunk can only be a good thing! I assume that the scalp has a chance to re-establish a healthy bacterial colony without shampoo useage too. I wasn’t convinced. And then I wrote my Hippie blog post and laughed at myself for not having given it a go yet.

Within ten days of washing my hair with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda diluted in a cup of warm water and conditioning my hair with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of warm water and my hair was healthy and shiny without the greasy roots or unwashed smell that I’d previously been concerned about. So, with nothing to lose and everything to gain I’ve kept up with the practice. Thus far nobody has pointed at my  hair and laughed. Even though I cut it myself! Oh, you want a picture? Hang on.

There, not a totally amateur haircut for a total amateur is it? And what product do I use to define my curls? Coconut oil! (You guessed that right?)

That’s enough from me today I think. Time for some calming herbal tea. Or another coffee. Hmm…
*While I’m no longer clogging up my bathroom cabinet with commercially produced tooth, skin or hair care I’m planning on using the money saved by buying anything from the Living Libations range by Nadine Artemis because I do miss the sensuality of scented products and the reviews of her essential oil based creations are awesome. And I heard her on this podcast and she was cool. And that’s enough for me. 


11 thoughts on “Why I don’t buy Toothpaste, Cleanser, Moisturiser, Shampoo or Conditioner. *

  1. Have been using fluoride free toothpaste for years, coconut oil on my face or castor oil and like you would recommend it to anyone. But the haircare, now that is something new to try – thanks for the tip. Oh, and you look fantastic 😄


    • Hi Naomi! (And thank you very much 😊😘) let me know how you get on with it! When I searched the no-poo thing people were going for a week between washes from the start. I’ve not been so brave started with every other day and am gradually spacing it out as I go. Xx


  2. I’m so excited to try baking soda as toothpaste ! I’ve been nervous to give it a go, but I trust your recommendation. Thank you! Love the coconut oil and ACV – my heroes.


  3. I’ve just started recently cutting down on plastic waste in the bathroom. I’ve been using homemade deodorant (www.zeroewastechef.com) for a few months now and I wash my face with water and use olive oil as a moisturiser. This week I’ve started the bicarb and vinegar ‘no-poo’ replacement and I think it’s great so far. I found this a really interesting read, thanks. 😊


    • Hi Helen! I’d forgotten about olive oil as a moisturiser – thank you for that. Good luck with the no-poo. Since writing this post I’ve read Happy Hair by Lucy AitkenRead and it’s a really useful guide if you need any extra inspiration or troubleshooting ideas. Armed with that I’ve started my twelve year old on it too, it’s going well!

      Liked by 1 person

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