Taking a Deep Breath

I find meditation or visualisation nigh on impossible. Over the years I have tried countless times but ended up so frustrated with my inability to let go and relax that I actually found it quite stressful. Not really the point. 

However, fully aware that it can be a massively useful tool in detoxing I worked on the following visualisation for my detox groups and found that I could do it myself too. And I was never so glad about that as when, a couple of years back, I found myself in hospital with a huge syringe shoved in an enormous abscess (quinsy) on my tonsil with the instruction to please stay completely still. The surgeon apologised in advance, and warned me that it would be very painful. He was right. But, by focussing on this easy visualisation I got through the next few moments as still as a statue while the quinsy was drained. And the surgeon was highly impressed. So, if nothing else, do practice this exercise in case you have to go through anything similar. 

All ready to go? Deep breath… Actually, do you know how to do that properly? If you just took a deep breath with a comedy fish-out-of-water gulp then I’m guessing not. Can you haul yourself up from the sofa or your bed for a minute and sit in an upright position with your feet flat on the floor? Come on, I’ve not got all day and this won’t take a minute! 

Lengthen your back by imagining a delicate chain suspended from above your head, running down through your head, down through the centre of your body, through your pelvis and into whatever you are sitting on. Then give that chain a teeny bit of shiny, diamond encrusted bling and imagine someone pulling it, ever so gently, up to the sky. Breathe in through your nose and as you do so imagine either silver or gold light streaming into your nostrils. Breathe out through your nose and as you do so imagine roots spreading out from the soles of your feet going deep down into the ground. You like that? Repeat it a few times until you can do it without reading this paragraph. Work on seeing your lovely diamante chain absolutely dripping with jewels. Gently stretch it as far as your imagination can take it. Take those strong roots down as far as they can go and spread them around a bit as well. Think of how secure a tree’s roots need to be to stop it falling over in high winds. Relax your shoulders, your pelvis and your knees. Check that chain connecting you to the sky. Spread those roots. Keep your breathing steady, quiet and always through your nose, gradually, gracefully, generously slow it down until you feel at peace with the world. 

Now that’s how to take a deep breath. Do it anytime you feel angry, miserable, confused, tired; unable to concentrate or ungrounded in any way. Even better – try to do it at least once every day. It will help you to feel centred and strong and it only takes a couple of minutes. If you’ve got kids at home talk them through it too. Interestingly (well, to me anyway) I’ve always found that our pets love it when anyone in my family does this, if we concentrate on breathing for a few minutes they’ll often come and sit with us. In fact, while I’ve been writing this (practising as I go) the dog has left her bone to come and sit on my feet. 

Have a lovely, relaxed week people, hope to see you next week!


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