A Change of Plan

Three years or so ago (it might have been four, I’m a bit hazy on this one) I wrote a detox book. I wanted to put the knowledge I’d gained from a Nutritional Therapy course, together with the experience I’d gained from coaching clients one-to-one into a practical format that anyone could use. I loved writing it. I loved getting people to work through the book, the recipes and the exercises in order to give me feedback. I loved running the detox groups that I ran while gaining confidence that this style of eating and living could suit anyone and everyone. I loved seeing people getting fabulous results with very little work. I loved making people happy. But I could not get my head around getting this work published in any format and so my words were left on file, unloved and unused, waiting until that magical day when someone would wave a wand and print them off in a glossy paperback.

I have now not only realised that this isn’t going to happen, but that I have moved on from there. I do not want the on-going marketing, justification and general dealing with abuse that health authors are required to carry out in order to shift copies. I’ve got other plans on the backburner. I am becoming a little bit selfish in my forties. I do not currently feel the need to rescue everyone.

But these neglected words have been grumbling at me recently. A whole book, sat with no-one to read any of it is a sad thing. And so I have decided over the next few weeks to cut and paste (with a little editing) sections to this blog in order that it is not all wasted. I do hope that you will enjoy them, albeit in a rather fragmented form. Do let me know what you think!

Are you OK? You look tired!

Put your hand up if you’ve ever woken up feeling OK, but decided to bunk off school or work. What excuse did you make? Headache, felt sick, flu symptoms? Now, keep your hand up if you then started to feel ill. That those very symptoms, conjured up from your own imagination, started to manifest and make you question your own health, even if just for a while. Did you find yourself just a bit irritated that you didn’t get to enjoy your day off as much as you’d planned to? Does your shoulder ache yet? Personally, I’m finding this one-handed typing a bit tricky right now so I think we’ll move on.

I’d never suggest that waking up each day and yelling, “Yippee, I feel fantastic” is going to be the end of any health problems you’re experiencing, but I would like you to consider the following scenario. You got up, did your morning ablutions the same as every other day and you felt physically fine but when you left the house you were worrying or stressing about something or someone and then some kindly, caring person said the immortal words, “Are you OK? You look tired!” Game over! At least an hour of feeling tired and a bit miserable ensues. It probably feels entirely reasonable to blame that “sympathetic” person but think about it: might thinking negative thoughts make you actually look a little less radiant than usual? I think so.

Try it out for yourself: find a mirror, preferably a full length one. Think miserable thoughts for a minute, that mountain of laundry, your muffin top, the crowded commute, whoever it was that annoyed you yesterday. Now look at your reflection. It’s not good is it? Your face looks a little drawn and your posture is a little bit rubbish. Are you OK? You look tired! Now, shut your eyes and for a moment or two go to your happy place. The one where you are on holiday with the sun shining pleasantly and a gentle breeze is running through your lovely shiny hair. The air is filled with the sound of birdsong and the smell of the sea. You are in great shape, you’ve got a light tan and it feels great to be alive. Are you there? Great, open your eyes. How do you look?

I tried an experiment a while back. Each time I ventured out on the school run I ran the following mantra over and over in my head: “I am happy, healthy, slim and vibrant.” Over the next 48 hours I received no fewer than six random compliments to do with how well I looked, how slim I looked and (blush) my nice legs! That was quite a contrast to my usual no, nada, zero, zilch compliments. And you know what, I felt great too! Who needs to detox? But, hold up a minute, there’s more… When I feel great I also feel inspired to eat more intelligently and to treat my body with a bit more respect. So, might finding your happy space before leaving the house each day combined with finding an awesome mantra for yourself be one of the greatest tools towards improving your health you could have? Reader, please try it out and let me know how it goes!


6 thoughts on “A Change of Plan

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