Hot Vanilla Shake

I’m experimenting with using Dave Asprey’s fabulous Bulletproof Diet at the moment and am love, love, loving how it’s making me feel. Except for experiencing one very confusing emotion this week. I kinda did love it, but it was unnerving because it was new, and even good new things can be scary sometimes. If any of you can tell me what this emotion is called I’d be very grateful. Right now I’m going to have to name it total-inability-to-beat-myself-up-over-something-that-may-or-may-not-have-been-my-fault-and-may-not-even-matter-anyway.

There were a couple of (entirely unrelated) times this week when I said things that, if my brain had engaged quicker than my mouth or texting finger I probably would have chosen not to. Now normally I’d have then spent the next 24 hours replaying those sentences over and over, blaming myself, wondering if I’d messed up everyone’s lives and lost every last scrap of decency I’d previously clung onto. Adrenaline would have clouded my ability to focus or do anything reasonably useful towards myself, my family or my work. But instead I filed both slip-ups under L for lets-see-how-it-goes. And, that was as far as the shockwaves went. Because I didn’t agonise I didn’t make anything worse. In fact, it turns out that nothing I’d said was of any consequence to anyone at all. Nobody noticed let alone cared.

Both situations were ultimately humbling. Anxiety kind of over-inflates your every self-perceived dud action to something akin to world destruction. Not experiencing this jittery-brained, stomach-lurching , hand-trembling state was like waving off an old, but controlling close friend. And that, my lovelies, is one of the very best reasons for laying off the grains and sugar, while spooning butter and MCT oil into your mouth like your very life depends on it, I can possibly give you.

Hmm. That was a much longer introduction to a post than I meant it to be. Shall I shut up now and give you a recipe?

Ok, this is a nice, warming, calming and satiating drink for any time of day. I made it late one afternoon when I didn’t want a Bulletproof Coffee but I did want some fat and flavour to keep some carb cravings at bay.

Blend 50g unsalted butter (from grass-fed cows), a tablespoon of coconut butter, a tablespoon of MCT (or coconut) oil, 1.5 teaspoons of truvia, one teaspoon of vanilla powder and two teaspoons of gelatin with a mug of very hot water . You want it really frothy, and you want to serve it in a big, sturdy mug. And you want to enjoy that feeling of not-feeling-responsible-for-everyone-and-everything because the world will carry on regardless. I promise you!

6 thoughts on “Hot Vanilla Shake

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    • Hiya – nice to see you on here! Two things, one is that some further research might allay your fears – the links on my most recent post would be a good place to start. The other is that self experimentation is really useful. It took me a while to find a fat:protein:carb ratio that I feel good on (and this does change according to my cycle, stress and activity levels so I’m constantly adapting) but pushing my fat intake up stops my carb cravings, keeps my energy levels up and actually increases my body fat loss. Try the shake and see how long it takes before you get hungry again! Keep me posted!


      • Will definitely try this and thanks for the info about experimentation what would you suggest as a starting ratio carbs to fats (I’m aiming for max 50gs carb)? Have to admit fell off the wagon today, early birhtday celebrations definitely no carb craving today(actually feel a bit sick!) Lol.


      • A belated Happy Birthday to You!

        I really couldn’t advise on the carb quantity. Depends on your activity levels mostly. I did use myfitnesspal for a few months – I aimed for 70%fat, 20%protein and 10%carbs. But it was a faff and I found it hard not to obsess over the calories. Was useful as a start point though and I try to keep that kind of model in mind now although some days I’ll have a carb blow out just to shake things up. Good luck finding your happy ratio!


      • I know what you mean about MFP being a bit of a faff! Had agreat b’day thanks, went for a meal and thought I was doing really well ‘steak and salad’ then resisted dsser and went for brandy coffee delish… then my husband told me that they added sugar to it so cream floated , Lol, it’s not every day ypu’rr 61…back on the waggon tomorrow!!


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