A Curried Chicken and Coconut Soup.

So it’s cold and drizzly outside, bad news from dear friends has left you apathetic with shock, and you’re facing a ridiculously busy week at work. What do we do children? Repeat after me, “We make soup!” Why? Because it’s the culinary equivalent of donning bedsocks and a fluffy cardigan. This is a good soup to make in such circumstances because you can adapt it to whatever basic ingredients you already have in or can quickly pick up from your local corner shop (wrap up warm first please.)

In no particular order fry off some diced chicken and vegetables (pictured: onion and courgette but I also love using broccoli or butternut squash) in coconut oil. Once the chicken is cooked through add some Thai green curry paste and chicken broth or stock and simmer until the table is set and the candles are lit. Stir in plenty of creamy coconut milk, bring back up to a simmer and then ladle generously into bowls. Top with sliced ripe avocado and fresh green coriander. Savour, then retire to sofa with a cup of tea and a blanket.


4 thoughts on “A Curried Chicken and Coconut Soup.

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