Quick Baked Breakfast Cheesecake

I know, I know! This blog has more cheesecake entries than a village fete. Except that village fete cakes would be pristinely presented, beautifully bedecked with seasonal home-grown edible flowers and chocolate shavings; and delicately dished up on cut glass. And mine are generally served up in an old earthenware dish that my mother bought as part of a set in Spain over 20 years ago (packed to survive the journey home in sanitary towels) and, by the time they make it to the table, are decorated with a finger dipped dent.

I digress. Would you like a very quick and easy recipe that can be on the breakfast table in under half an hour? Giving you time to brew some coffee, box up a packed lunch or two and stick a load of laundry in? Or even time to jump in the shower? There’s probably not enough time to dry your hair as well though. Just sayin’

Throw 300g cream cheese, 4 eggs, 1 tablespoon Truvia and some vanilla in a large bowl and blend. Cover the base of an ovenproof dish with berries
(or whatever fruit floats your boat) and top with your cream cheese mixture.

Bake at 180c for around 20 minutes. Check before you serve that it’s not too runny in the middle by prodding (were you wondering about that finger dent? Mystery solved). Then spoon as slowly as you can into your mouth while reflecting that if more people’s days started with such sweetly fluffy pink and white breakfasts there would surely be a lot more sunshiny smiles on drizzly grey mornings.

15 thoughts on “Quick Baked Breakfast Cheesecake

    • You may!! Truvia is a brandname which makes Stevia in a granulated form. Its only been out here for a few years though. If you use a different form of sweetener you may need more as Truvia is three times sweeter than sugar. Took me a while to work that one out…


    • Sonia!! Um, no, not really, this was after I’d started on Primal Blueprint but before I’d tried Bulletproof. But, if you aren’t going superstrict… I don’t use trivia now either so honey or maple syrup would be great alternatives. Or, if you were watching sugar content, I like the sweetleaf stevia drops too xx


      • When I’m trying out new food regimes I like to go all-out pure for a few weeks then see where I can ease up later. Most of my clients like to ease in. Are you going to get the book?


      • Yes – good to see how it works for you before bending the rules! I’ve been on so many diets that I am a bit reluctant to buy into it until I get a sense that it could really help me. Mostly I get a brief placebo and then same old symptoms. If it seems to be helping I will invest further in the book – for now I’m getting hints where I can on the net.


  1. Thank you! So helpful!! Mainly I am incredibly tired on bulletproof after the first 3 days high. Taken out carbs (except white rice) without getting the fat levels high enough probably – was waiting on my oil & of course still making adjustments while so incredibly busy at work. Needs a lot of focus! I imagine it takes time for the body to get used to such a major change. Mainly I’m finding dropping grains beneficial to digestion, which is a great step forward πŸ™‚ xx

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