Pretty in Pink

20140401-014428 pm.jpg
Yesterday I made the best nut butter in the whole world ever. Don’t believe me? Ok, try this… Lightly toast plenty of almonds, cashews and hazelnuts in the oven and blitz them with a pinch of salt and a bit of desiccated coconut until creamy. Then tell me what you reckon.

I wanted to have some this morning in a smoothie (before I eat the lot off a spoon) but didn’t want to overpower the taste so this pink and white creation happened. Its rather delicate looking and I’m thinking it should probably be eaten on a sunny balcony by someone wearing fluffy mules and something silky but please don’t let that put any of you menfolk off because you’d be really missing out. Eat it with a (clean) trowel or something. And growl if anyone tries to steal some. That should work.

Right, blenders at the ready? Whizz both frozen and room temperature ripe bananas with raspberries, a dash of non-dairy milk, agave and chia seeds. Pile the mixture into a glass or bowl and top with more raspberries and some coconut. And maybe a dusting of cacao. Some light background bossa nova wouldn’t go amiss either. Do enjoy it dah-links.


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