A Craving for Red.

I noticed this morning that my Instagram account was looking rather beige. Not blandly so. I like to think it was subtle, restful to the eye and deliberately, deliciously, delicately cosy. But with the equinox today, maybe it’s time to shake things up a little bit. Welcome in a little Yang energy as signs of Spring start to make themselves apparent here in the northern hemisphere. Time for a lunch to match my currently rather goth-like, plummy nail polish. A bit of fire and pizzazz. A spot of drama.

So, one salad of julienned beetroot and carrot (and a smidgen of blood, in keeping with the theme but unintentional, I was just over hasty with the peeler) with a spicy tahini dressing and some toasted seeds; accompanied by a juice of apple, carrot, beetroot, broccoli and celery later I’m ready for quick snooze on the sofa before cracking on with the housework. Not quite the effect I was after, but it’s a start.

20140320-020946 pm.jpg


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