The Boss of all Milky Drinks.

20140314-072619 pm.jpg
Tonight I am going to sleep. Right through the night like my daughters have managed since they were just a few months old and my husband regularly demonstrates with enviable talent seconds after he turns his light out. I am not going to rely on Nytol. I am not going to spend an evening without electric lights, my phone or TV. I am not going to wake the rest of the household to run myself a warm bath before bed which will go cold in five minutes anyway because my bath is so pathetically small that my even my nine year old doesn’t see the point in it. In fact I am not going to bother with any of the usual sleep-hygiene recommendations because I already have a lovely bed in a lovely room with the window open and that should be enough to stop me waking up in the middle of the night for three hours for no reason, destined to wander the dark house like a restless ghost in PJs, while even the pets raise an eyebrow at me, shake their heads, chuckle and drift off again and… and I am rambling because I am really, really tired…

If anyone wakes me tonight (family members, dog and cat take note – please keep your bad dreams and toilet requirements to yourselves) I will make the briefest of sympathetic noises, roll over on my super comfy orthopaedic mattress with super-soft mattress topper, pull my fluffy silk-filled duvet over my head and drift back into dreamless, log like slumber. It’s gonna happen. I am nothing if not optimistic.

For I have just made myself the most devine drink naturally jam-packed with calcium, magnesium and deliciousness. One of my all time flavour combinations is tahini and honey – so I don’t know why this particular inspiration hasn’t hit me before today. Maybe necessity really is the (grumpy and baggy eyed) mother of invention. I stirred a heaped teaspoon each of honey and tahini into hot homemade almond milk and grated a smidge of nutmeg over the top. That’s it. See you in… the… zzzzzz


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