Homemade ‘n’ Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

20140310-032450 pm.jpg
Have you ever looked at the ingredient list for Nutella? No? Ok, here is the link. Bleugh… Here is the list for my spread: toasted hazelnuts, cacao, maple syrup or honey. And, what’s more, it tastes even better!!

Throw some hazelnuts (I use a 150g bag) in a medium hot oven for ten minutes or so, just until the skins blacken. Leave until cool enough to handle and then rub the skins off. Don’t worry if some are stubbornly shy about having their coats removed, just disrobe as many as you can before throwing them in a food processor.

Blitz those beauties for as long as your processor manufacturers advice allows then let the machine rest. Repeat several times watching those little beauties turn from rubble to flour and then, eventually, release their oils and clump into a fragrant hazelnut butter. You can stick this straight in a jar and refrigerate if you like; it tastes fabulous. Orrrr…. you can stir in a spoon of cacao (or cocoa if that’s what you’ve got) and a dollop of maple syrup or honey (or stevita drops if you are avoiding sugar.)

Enjoy on pancakes, toast or oatcakes, dollop on fruit, blitz into smoothies, sandwich between biscuits or cake; stir into yoghurt, eat straight from the jar, alone and in secret… You get to choose whether you enjoy it as a healthy treat or sneaky indulgence. Bargain!

If you enjoyed this recipe you might also like to try this creamy nutbutter recipe from my coaching site florenceneville.com.


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