Spiced Nuts.

20140206-091002 pm.jpg
Toasted or roasted spiced nuts. When are they not perfect? At parties, on the run, tv snacks or, as Simon and I are having them tonight, over a game of Scrabble with a glass of Guinness and a bar of Montezuma’s 73% dark chocolate. You can also add them to rice dishes, or (I just thought of this) chop them up and sprinkle them on ice-cream. Mmmmm….

They are super easy to make too. Roast any combination of nuts in the oven or toast them in a saucepan and mix with butter, sea salt, brown sugar or maple syrup and any herbs or spices you fancy. These had rosemary and sweet smoked paprika added. But use others or none as you please.

I’m off to gloat now. I’ve won Scrabble twice in a row!*

*Let’s not mention that my husband helped me every time he sensed a mini-tantrum. It spoils the effect somewhat.


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