Juice Cleanse. Day Seven

20140129-050639 pm.jpg
So I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself! Seven days on fresh fruit and vegetable juices, some with blended fruit and/or live yoghurt; herbal teas and plenty of water. Nothing else. I’ve declined the plentiful chocolate biscuits at work, made a hot (and tortuously fragrant) meal for my family each night, made lattes (vanilla, with hand whisked frothy milk and cocoa sprinkled on top. Mmmmm….) and scrolled through mouth-wateringly beautiful food photos on my Instagram feed. And I didn’t even lick my fingers!*

In return for my uncharacteristic willpower I’ve been rewarded with noticeably improved skin, sparkly eyes, a clear head, the rare ability to wake up easily in the morning (!), a marked reduction in anxiety, a 7lb weight loss and that lovely confidence boost you get from having achieved what you set out to do. I’d previously done a three day and a five day juice cleanse but, being the natural glutton that I am, didn’t know if I had it in me to go for longer. And despite inventing a new dessert in my dream last night (battered rice pudding with custard anyone?!) I obviously do! Huzzah!

If you’d like to make the juices above (and you can find the others I made here ) they are as follows:

TL: pineapple, spinach and orange blended with banana, coconut water and spirulina.
TR: apple, pear, cucumber and mint.
BL: carrot, apple, whole lemon, cucumber and broccoli stem.
BR: apple and pear blended with yoghurt, banana and blueberries.

That last one was, quite simply, amazing. I’ll be having that one quite often in the future.

However today, quite soon, possibly even right now, I’m gonna have a salad, with crisp Ramiro peppers, thinly sliced cucumbers, exploding cherry tomatoes, crunchy alfalfa sprouts, EVOO, balsamic and maybe a teaspoon of creamy tahini. My mouth is watering already, I’m gone, see ya!

* I may have bitten my scrumptious daughters once or twice, but as I did it very gently I don’t think it counts…


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