A Fine Way with Leftovers

20131227-053201 pm.jpg
Our Christmas Day was spot on perfect. Stockings, a relaxed breakfast (Nigella’s Christmas Morning Muffins that we’ve had every year but one for the past ten years), presents and then a gloriously relaxed day including a fab roast lunch. And then, at about 6pm both girls refused Christmas pudding… It all went downhill from then and involved many buckets, towels and no more than half an hours unbroken sleep til 5am. At which point I became ill. So Boxing Day was a complete wash out!

Today I needed food that was super easy to prepare so breakfast was scrambled eggs on rye toast and lunch was juice (pineapple, apple, carrot, lemon, orange and wheatgrass). I then needed a quick way to finish off the leftovers as we are off to Wales tomorrow to spend a few days in the beautiful, foggy mountains of Pembrokeshire with my parents. Never one to make more effort than I need to I threw it all in a frying pan.

Dear reader, if you need a quick and easy way to use up roast dinner leftovers can I suggest the following? It’s very quick, ridiculously easy, totally adaptable and really, really tasty. I hope you get to enjoy it in great, rude health!

Chop and fry onion, garlic, red pepper and chilli pepper. Throw in your left over meat(s), potatoes, and stuffing. Fry until piping hot and crispy in places. Pour over boiling leftover gravy if you like and fry off. Season and serve with whatever sauce suits (cranberry, apple, mint or even ketchup if you really must). We washed ours down with the dregs of Christmas day’s champagne but a beer would have sufficed!


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