Cinnamon and Almond Raw Cookies.

20131216-113618 am.jpg
If you’ve ever found yourself too stuffed to eat cookies warm, tempting and fresh from the oven because half the raw dough found its way into your mouth earlier (how does that happen?) then this is the recipe for you. And it’s really healthy so you don’t need to feel guilty. At all! Think of it as my Christmas present to you.

Throw one cup almonds, half a cup ground flaxseed, one and a half tablespoons coconut oil, one teaspoon cinnamon and one and a half tablespoons agave syrup in a food processor. Whizz into a nut butter consistency then press into six silicon muffin moulds. Decorate with an almond and refrigerate for at least half an hour.

I’ve been making a savoury version of these for ages (I’ll post it soon if you like) but only thought of this as a sweet recipe this morning. Amazing what you can come up when you discover there’s no biscuits in the house on your day off. I’m pretty sure they’ll stand up to experimentation too. Orange zest and dried cranberries? Toasted hazelnuts and cacao? Pecan and maple syrup? I think that coffee and walnut might be worth a try too. Right, I’m off to have another, they’re a bit sticky and I don’t like to smear my phone screen up too much… Have fun!


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