Sneaky Winter Veg Hash

20131215-111207 am.jpg
This time of year there are certain abundant vegetables that some of my family members find a little, well, challenging. But the veg boxes keep arriving so I have to get a bit more creative. Drawn downstairs by the irresistible aroma of bacon my three were a little taken aback at the sight of a frying pan filled with parsnip and sprouts but they’ve cleared their plates so I’m guessing this mornings brunch was a success. Here’s the recipe in case your loved ones need a little encouragement too…

Peel, dice, parboil and drain potatoes and parsnips. Whizz trimmed Brussels sprouts in a food processor. Throw the lot in a frying pan with olive oil, butter and chopped shallots and stir fry until the root veg is soft on the inside and getting crispy on the outside.

Meanwhile grill streaky bacon and gently poach lovely fresh organic eggs. Season your hash with plenty (more than you might think) of sea salt, ground black pepper and a good glug of maple syrup. Plate up, stick some Christmas jazz on and feel smug in the knowledge that you’ve covered two of your five a day before midday.


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