Wednesday Night Fridge Clear Out.

Every Thursday morning one of our lovely Riverford delivery ladies lugs a huge box of organic, seasonal and largely local vegetables up to our doorstep. Every Thursday morning I am torn between excitement at the huge range of meal possibilities and tiredness at the thought of where the hell I’m going to store it all; our fridge is tiny. So Wednesday evening heralds a fridge clear out and Wednesday supper is always a witches brew of whatever is left over…

Tonight I marinaded still frozen salmon in soy sauce, brown sugar and sesame oil for half an hour before sprinkling it with sesame seeds and sticking it for a while in a medium hot oven.

Once it was nearly cooked and family members were starting to mill around expectantly I fried up spring onions, garlic, a chilli, a handful of coriander, a load of curly kale and a good pinch of sprouted alfalfa. Threw soy sauce, a pinch of brown sugar and some star anise into chicken stock and finally chucked soba noodles into boiling water for five minutes. From there it was just a quick assembly job.

Half an hour later and everyone has broth splattered down their fronts and warm bellies (I could have used a little less chilli). With a bit of re-jigging I should have just enough space for tomorrow’s veg!

20131002-055838 pm.jpg

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Fridge Clear Out.

  1. Love this post! In our house we call it Pantry Challenge and is usually spurred on by a lack of food in the fridge and an unwillingness to brave the shops. Some of the best meals are made on these days. x


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