Shaky beginnings…

I’ve been meaning to start a food blog for some time but wasn’t sure where to start. But today seems a good a day as any to begin as I can illustrate for you a perfect example of my love/hate relationship with food.

I had a gorgeously rich and filling smoothie for breakfast made from freshly juiced apple, lemon and beetroot blended with avocado and wheatgrass.

Lunch was an entire tub of Pringles. Once I popped…

But dinner was amazing. Reeling with a Pringles induced hangover I diced sweet potato and chucked it in the oven to roast to caramelised perfection with venison, honey and mustard sausages. Then mixed the lot with sautéed leek and basmati rice. Cue one very happy family. Hopefully they won’t notice the missing Pringles…


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